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Job Interview Ready

Online or face to face you need to ace that interview so you don’t miss the opportunity of getting that desired job. Remember if you have got that interview call be sure you have necessary skill set for that job.

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2 hours - 6 hours


College students, Educational institutes


First Impressions are crucial during a job interview as you are being judged by the time you have sent your resume. Getting selected on the basis of your resume means you have already created a favourable impression, but how to make that first impression a lasting impression will solely depend on how prepared you are for that interview. Regardless of the type of job you are appearing for, you want your first impression to be a great one. Being aware of your non verbal communication and projecting confidence in your answers are some of the traits you need to work on before appearing for the interview. To crack that interview you not only need your technical skills and knowledge about that particular industry but you require soft skills to get noticed and stand out from the rest of the candidates.


•  The top 10 strategies for job interview success
• Importance of verbal and non verbal communication

• The 4A's of image management and its importance

• ​ How to present yourself with confidence and how to walk the talk

• ​ How to enter the room and how to conduct yourself

• How to present yourself in a polished and confident way

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