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One on One 
Life Coaching

As your life coach I help you get unstuck, get clarity, unleash your passions and guide you on redesigning your dream life. Let me be your guiding light and support you by identifying any obstacles that are holding you back from living your desired life.


Let us together find the key to unlock the golden cage you are trapped in.


Are you someone..


Who is constantly trapped with negative self talk and self sabotaging limiting beliefs that I am not good enough, or I am not capable or deserving?


Who finds it difficult to come out of the golden cage you are trapped in where you feel lost, lonely, unheard, unloved and depressed?


Who wants to live life queen size but don’t know your passion and looking for clarity to become financially independent?

One on One Coaching with Namita Sayani

• My one on one coaching will give you customised solutions to all your problems. From finding your passion, to becoming financially independent, from relationships with self and others to becoming a magnetic manifester.

• My sessions are customised to cater your needs that will help you get clarity in your thoughts, courage in your decisions and bring consistency in your life.

DSC_8156 (2).jpg

• six sessions  

• once a week   

• one hour each   

What to expect in this one on one coaching


We will work together to bring out the best in you by working on the 3 C’s:
Courage, Clarity & Consistency.


We will get in depth of understanding your goals and jotting down the clear plan of action to get you started from where you are to where you want to be.


You will be able to discover that all it takes is YOU to get you what you want. Know your WHY the HOW will be taken care of.

Still not sure?

Help me help you better. Make an appointment to meet me and let’s

connect for 30 minutes over a cup of coffee. This is for us to see if we are a good fit for each other and if one on one coaching is the right path for you.

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