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I am on a mission to redesign peoples lives with love in my heart, care in my voice, and compassion in my energy.

Namita Sayani —
Life Coach & Image Consultant


“The best project you’ll ever work on is ‘you’ and the best investment you can make is investing in yourself”

About me

Hi, I am Namita Sayani,

You know when we have dreams, desires, plans and aspirations to become successful in life and make a name for yourself, create your own identity in this world, be financially independent, that’s when LIFE HAPPENS. This is my story. I wanted to do masters after my college and had dreams of making it big, but life had some other plans for me. My parents got a very promising match for me and wanted me to get married and settle down in life when I was barely 19 years young.

Everything happened so quickly that before even my final exams started I was hooked. Suddenly my whole life took a 360 degree turn. Born and brought up in Hyderabad now after marriage I landed in Chennai. New place, new people, new language, I was completely lost for the first couple of years. My dreams of making it big become far from reality. Blessed with a daughter and a son my life revolved around my kids, husband, family, friends and relatives. I had everything in my life what I had desired for, but still was always feeling empty and hollow from inside. My cup was always half full.

In between all this I never realised when I stopped dreaming for myself, my ambitions, my success. Reality hit me when my children became independent and didn’t need me anymore to take care of them, their studies and classes. I became depressed & lonely, I didn’t know what kind of conversations to have with them, how to guide them for their further studies or their passions. I wanted my kids to look up to me as their role model, their idol, not just as their mumma. But the question was HOW?

But as they say “where there is a will there is a way”! I was desperate to live for myself again, dream for myself again, be financially independent. So the next thing I did was to get certified as a Life Coach and an Image Consultant. Today I am living the life of my dreams by helping women like me redesign their lives by discovering their true potential, helping them believing in themselves and their abilities.  Life is all about choices you make, you have a choice to change your life”s story. To change your future you need to make a choice today. I am proud that I made a right choice that changed my whole life’s story. You have the power to own your life back. Do whatever it takes for you to do that, need help then don’t hesitate to ask, get a mentor who can guide you. Just don’t settle.

From a Homemaker to a Life Coach & an Image Maker, I am on a mission to transform lives one home at a time.


a certified professional of IMPA and an alumnus of ICBI

Certifications & Training

• Certified Life Coach by Life by Design - Puja Puneet


• A certified image consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute  (ICBI), internationally certified under the curriculum of Conselle Institute Of Image Management, USA founded by Judith Rasband


• An ICBI certified trainer accredited by National Accreditation Board of Education and Training (NABET)


• Certified Soft Skills Trainer from Image Consulting Business Institute, Accredited by SQA ( Scottish Qualifications Authority )


•  A certified torchbearer of protection of children from sexual offences (POCSO) act


• A member of Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA)


• IMPA Certified Professional


• Former Secretary of IMPA Chennai Chapter

“Stop living life in a default mode. Design your dream life to live life queen size”

a month ago
Adv. Kanchan Dawad
6 months ago
Pooja Sharma
6 months ago
Girija Menon
6 months ago
I had a quality time with Namita ma'am where I explained her about my issues and she motivated me by giving tips to enhance myself. Looking forward for more sessions. Thank you so much!
Bhavani GR
a year ago
An awesome experience, very valuable guidance, self directed questions was really helpful. Thank you for being kind. I loved the spirit!
a year ago

Not sure? hear it from the horse's mouth

Namita ma'am transformed my appearance. She helped me project the right image through my visual appearance which made a huge difference to achieving my goals. Her sessions were very informative and helped me understand myself, what colours, patterns, fabric and so on I should choose according to the roles, goals and occasions. Namita ma'am was very friendly and dedicated throughout the sessions. I had a wonderful experience with her!
I have never met ma'am personally, however the way she made a difference in my life virtually is simply amazing. Whenever I needed any suggestions or assistance on anything ma'am is always there to help. Truly an amazing person and a powerful being. Thank you so much!
Namita made me feel like a queen, which is why I chose her as my personal Image Consultant. Very professional from day 1, and has a thorough understanding of the subject and the outcome to be expected. I enjoyed being the subject of her scrutiny and loved the way she did not mince words when she had to correct my assumptions and presumptions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to create first and lasting impressions always. Thank you, Namita. Do your best. My wishes are always with you.
Namita is excellent in her work. Has immense knowledge in the subject is commendable. Was very patient and with examples she answered all my queries and gave solutions to it. Made the session were interesting for me. You are the best! Loved your session Namita! looking forward for many more...


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