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Personalised workshops that will help you understand the importance of your image & project your best self to the people around you.


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Image of a Leader

What does it take to become a successful leader? Successful leaders have an edge over others as they try to work on their strengths rather than weakness. Long before you become a leader, you must look, act, behave and communicate like a leader.

Engagement time:

2hrs - 6hrs

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Do you know the most important brand in the world is the brand called YOU. Yes you are a brand. To get noticed, to be remembered, to be respected, to be heard, to be memorable, you need to create a brand for yourself, your Personal Brand.

Engagement time:

2.5hrs - 6hrs

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Online or face to face you need to ace that interview so you don’t miss the opportunity of getting that desired job. Remember if you have got that interview call be sure you have necessary skill set for that job.

Engagement time:

2hrs - 6hrs

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Good manners and etiquette never go out of style. Raising a teen who is polite, well mannered, well behaved, self confident and compassionate is every parents dream. Enroll them in this one of a kind workshop and help them become the better version of themselves

Engagement time:

2hrs - 5hrs

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Dining etiquette is not only about knowing how to use the fork and knife but its also about how to be the perfect host or guest and create ever lasting impression.

Engagement time:

2hrs - 4hrs

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